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  1. Matricide
  2. Nostimon Hemar
  3. Faded Leaves
  4. Shattered Image
  5. In the gates of dream

Outside, the wind was howling! It could be heard, even inside the spaceship! Mnemon, with much effort, glanced away from the panoramic window. The red, lifeless-like, alien landscape had him mesmerized! He turned around!
Enitharmon, the one in charge of the archaeologists, stood in front of his desk, with an expression of embarrassment, on his face!
Are you sure? He asked!...
«For the full comprehension of the album you need to read the booklet»

nostimon hemar sWho are we?   What are we?   Where do we go?  
Questions mankind asks itself since the beginning of our history.
LTN looks for answers in the poems of Homer and the works of poet K. Cavafy.
Every man is a modern Odysseus.
He travels in many places trying to find his home, till he realizes that the journey shapes the traveler and his home is his true self!

faded leaves sLoud music, fake smiles, polite indifference! Why some of us feel alone among people? Are we, as Diogenes, the Greek philosopher did, looking for people in the market, holding a lamp? Do we have normal human relationships, as mankind had in old times? A collection of songs about the unbearable loneliness of the big cities! The darkness of the bright lights! Silent cries and dried tears! Songs on alienation that the modern way of life brings to all of us! An autumn sensation!

shattered image sThe story of a man, who met himself, on a cold winter night. The merry childhood. The first love, the army, the realization, the despair and the way out (?). "When your dreams don't come true, tomorrow will always be expecting you!" the chorus sings to the hero! Life's too precious a gift to be wasted! After all, the optimist is the well informed pessimist! As long as there is life, there is hope! Including the famous "Haze".

gates of dream s"Was it a dream? Or a vision of another more beautiful world?" the hero wonders. Songs of a dreamy sensation. Hope, despair, agony, magic and happiness. Stories about moonlit snowy mountaintops, about fairies, haunted forests and misty landscapes. LTN's first international release. Melodic symphonic prog. by a group of kids who never believed that their effort would go so far! "Let's devour this album"! (J. L. Grungeon, magazine "Harmonie")